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a mental landscape

The meaning of this writing experiment was to tap into my subconscious mind more and see what it is I actually think about.
To go further with this, I wanted to see if there was any pattern in my thinking. I wanted to create a color-coding system that could possibly tell me which words I most frequently used. I did this by printing the piece of writing I had done before, onto canvas. While trying to figure out the best way to achieve my goal was, I experimented with transferring paper and sewing over it.
Finally, I had my print on canvas and started sewing. Soon enough I realized that the result of this became messy and illegible. The backside of the work was suddenly more interesting to me than the front. The image that the thread created, resembled a landscape, a map, or a guide. Something that could show you the roads of where to go, which places connect, and the possibilities that lay in front of you. I created a way for others to discover the landscape, that is my mind. Shot 2020-04-26 at 16_34_21_v2.png
"first thoughts" 23.jpg
"color landscape" 24.jpg
"color landscape" details 25.jpg
"color landscape" backside 22.jpg
"color landscape" backside details 16_v2.jpg
legend 18.jpg
concept 12.jpg
try-out 13.jpg
try-out 29.jpg
experiment 28.jpg
try-out 27.jpg
try-out, backside 30.jpg